Titles Available in the 3Scape Library


The Path

Moving down life’s path through a variety of gorgeous landscapes, a woman recounts her life through the friendships she’s shared. 3D and VR.


A young girl reminisces about a summer she spent with her grandparents exploring the mountains. Available in 3D.


The Dance

A community hall and its dancers come to life and transform through the decades of the 1930s to 1960s. 3D and 2 VR versions (1930s-40s and 1950s-60s).


Baby Animals

A jaded teen visits her younger cousin’s farm and discovers that new life helps her come alive. 3D and VR.

The Memory Box

A woman recounts defining moments from her life while unpacking precious mementos from a box. 3D and VR.

I had no idea anything could be so fulfilling to me personally. And I went back to Care West with the idea, if this is what it is all about to be at Care West and have the privilege to seeing something like this.  The rest of my life will be that much better."

-Resident, Care West, Calgary