The 3Scape team: A depth of experience


The Team

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Doug Cole  Founder and President

Douglas Cole, Founder and President, has over 45 years of storytelling experience through film, video and multimedia. He has entrepreneurial success creating, shooting and producing media projects through his company Image Works Alberta Inc. Image Works provides video, web based and multimedia production to a variety of clients throughout Canada. Mr. Cole has built his reputation as a cinematographer, producer, and director with more than 560 production credits, over 30 awards and has more than 100 major clients.  

In 2010, after many years of production that included numerous hours of creating promotional videos for a variety of elder facilities, he became passionate about improving the lives of seniors through technology. Doug believed that technology could be utilized by seniors in a special way to bring excitement, purpose and variety into their lives. There is a large focus on special TV, movies and media for young audiences--why not for the elderly?

Doug connected with scientists, health professionals, technology experts and geriatric specialists to assemble information and predictions about this demographic. The experts reached two conclusions: 1) If correctly applied, this technology has potential to positively affect the brain and human emotions. 2) The system is eager, anxious, and, in some cases, desperate for innovative strategies to address the rising senior population.

He was able to cultivate the cooperation of a geriatric psychiatric team to initiate an explorative trial.    

As President of 3Scape, Mr. Cole is responsible for corporate and technical development including investment strategies, market engagement, and capture and display technology research. Mr. Cole also plays a key role in developing the brand focus and human resources. 


Leah Iwaniuk Producer

Leah Iwaniuk, Manager, has over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry managing tight million-dollar budgets, contracting and heading creative teams, creating schedules, negotiating deals, establishing valuable relationships with independent professionals and other resources, bringing multi-million dollar projects in on time and on budget (e.g. History Television's series "The Canadians”, Discovery Health's "Adoption Stories", CBC's "The Nature of Things"). Before joining 3Scape and Image Works, she worked for other well-known companies and organizations, including Great North Productions, Alliance Atlantis Productions and The National Film Board managing documentary projects and series.

Leah was immediately on board with the development of 3Scape. Having experience with an elderly family member, she was familiar with 3Scape’s mission and understood its potential as a game changer for that demographic. She worked closely with the psychiatric team and the elderly population to create the experience with them, not just for them.

 As a Producer and Production Manager of 3Scape, Ms. Iwaniuk is responsible for the development of 3Scape as well as structural alignment. Ms. Iwaniuk corresponds with all the facilities and stakeholders involved. She also works closely with the therapists and nursing staff who implement the 3Scape therapy program. Ms. Iwaniuk has an integral role in the development of future 3Scape immersive experiences, including working with researchers, the psychiatric team, writers, actors, and camera crew and the setup of the production. Ms. Iwaniuk is a key point of contact for all aspects of 3Scape. 


Glenn Thorpe Technical Supervisor

Glenn Thorpe has been a Technical Supervisor, editor and Cameraman for over 15 years and has developed great technical and creative skills in these capacities. Mr. Thorpe's inquisitive mind and keen interest in digital technical development will keep 3Scape on top of emerging new technologies.




Dr. Madan is a geriatric psychiatrist and Clinical Associate Professor in Calgary, Alberta. She is currently Section Head for Geriatric Psychiatry and the Program Medical Director for Geriatric Mental Health in the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services.  Prior to medical school, a psychiatry residency and geriatric psychiatry fellowship, she completed undergraduate training in Psychology & Cellular, Molecular & Microbial Biology at the University of Calgary.

She works primarily as a consultation-liaison and inpatient psychiatrist at Rockyview General Hospital and Carewest facilities in Calgary. Dr. Madan is also actively involved in committees including continuing professional development, residency and fellowship training committees and the physician-assisted death expert panel.  She has presented at various conferences for other professionals in the areas of capacity, substance use, management of disruptive behaviours and mood disorders.  As an enthusiastic teacher of medical students, residents and fellows, Dr. Madan is currently working on developing a geriatric psychiatry residency program at the University of Calgary.

Prior research interests include the application of music therapy for disruptive behaviours in demented elderly and delirium preventative strategies in elective surgical patients.  In addition, Dr. Madan has always been interested in the application of technology in medical care and exploring innovative ways to provide best patient care.


 Dr. Darrin Leung obtained his Bachelor of Health Sciences degree and his medical degree from the University of Alberta. He recently completed his psychiatric residency at the University of Calgary and is currently working in the field of geriatric psychiatry. His time is spent on inpatients psychiatry on Unit 48 at the Rockyview Hospital and on the geriatric consultation liaison team. His research interests include an ongoing study investigating the use of 3D immersive film as a new form of reminiscence therapy.


Faika Satterthwaite was born and raised in a small city on the Aegean coastline in Turkey, and came to Canada in 1979 to start her training as a Recreation Therapist.  She began her career working with war veterans at the Calgary District Hospital Group in 1985 at the Colonel Belcher Hospital. It was during this time that she discovered her passion: working with the older adult population. Faika moved south to the Rockyview General Hospital to run the Seniors’ Mental Health Recreation Therapy program. Faika has also worked in a variety of seniors’ clinical settings, including the Geriatric Assessment and Rehab Program (GARP), a reactivation unit, and what was essentially the precursor to the current transition unit. She has been involved in various capacities with ATRA and currently sits as a board member of the HSAA. Faika has been a passionate supporter of the inclusion of Recreation Therapy in all clinical settings. She advocates tirelessly for the rights of the patients with whom she works.