3Scape is an immersive 3D or Virtual Reality experience developed to enhance operations within senior facilities and improve quality of life for residents.

Clear benefits- 
better quality of life

For residents, providing cognitive stimulation helps incite reminiscence and encourages social connectedness. Happier residents will save staff time and possibly lessen medication costs.

An idea based in science

Research studies conducted with our first 3D immersive video, based on reminiscence therapy, have shown that after viewing, residents feel a sense of relaxation, happiness and are more receptive to social interaction.

Engaging in a story- 
igniting wonder

We bring the perspective and experience of 30 years in filmmaking in constructing powerful narratives that ignite emotional responses. These are stories that are life-like, real, thought-provoking and heart-warming. Most importantly, these stories are carefully crafted and employ stunning visuals to provide the maximum benefit to this specific audience.

"It just made me feel really good inside. I have been experiencing a little anxiety and that really took it away.  It was like going back out on a lake, in a boat, feeling good about myself.  Feeling good about the whole world."

-Resident, Care West, Calgary