The Value of Clinical Testing

Clinical Endorsement is vital in proving our product’s effectiveness. These aren’t Hollywood movies. These aren’t off the shelf travelogues; these are specifically-designed experiences, tested and created for a senior audience. In our market research discussions with facility operators, efficacy was the major theme. Will it be entertaining and add to quality of life? Will it provide cost savings? Will it save staff time? Will it be a sleep aid? Will it increase socialization? Will it reduce stress, anxiety and depression in some segments of the population? Through our initial pilot study, we collected enough positive anecdotal evidence to suggest our product would prove effective in these environments in future randomized clinical studies. After the production of eight additional videos and accompanying trials, we will have verified scientific proof and medical endorsements.

Three additional clinical studies are scheduled for 2018 to answer these questions:

  • How can 3Scape provide caregiver support using 3D and Virtual Reality providing life enhancement, for the elderly?

  • Does 3Scape 3D immersive therapy improve quality of life and behavioral symptoms in the dementia population?

  • Does 3Scape Immersive experience improve quality of sleep?

  • Does 3Scape Immersive experience save staff time and reduce pharmaceutical use?

"The resident was in tears after the video and asked, "Does my family really love me? Do they remember all the things I did?" This resident has anxiety issues and the video facilitated discussion. The family was told about the discussion and her feelings were discussed and validated."    

- RN conducting Clinical Trial, Youville Home, St. Albert, Alberta

What our clinical research told us

Research studies conducted with our first 3D immersive video, based on reminiscence therapy, have shown that after viewing, residents feel a sense of relaxation, happiness and are more receptive to social interaction.

Our first study with our 3D immersive pilot video "Remembering" confirmed that the aging population is receptive to new technology and indicated the potential for reduced depression and anxiety and improved quality of life for residents in senior communities.