Better Quality of Life

After viewing the film, the residents had an overwhelming response. 3Scape allowed them to ‘be present', 'live in the moment’, and feel...this is mindfulness at its best! Through our pre and post surveys, as well as group discussions, we determined that the film:

  • instantly triggered and opened patients to reminisce and reflect on life

  • encouraged desire to engage in nature

  • facilitated social engagement

  • ignited desires to try new things & a zest for life

  • gave them hope and things to look forward to, plan and engage themselves in

Through the immersive experience of 3Scape, some residents were able to make connections and have the desire to make life changes.


"Smiled, laughed and participated in discussion, which he never does. Talked about his grandchild and fishing."

Recreation Therapist, Chinook Care Centre, Calgary, Alberta


Changing lives for seniors in care communities

3Scape is a non-invasive therapy that provides the opportunity for viewers to experience and explore their emotions in a healthy environment. The library will contain a variety of experiences:  reminiscence therapy through storytelling or music, mindful experiences, or images to evoke inner happiness.