About 3Scape Systems

3Scape Systems develops specialized and immersive 3D filmed content. Our projects are tested in clinical trials to achieve medical endorsements before community release.

For the first time, we have combined the ingredients of 3D and VR, geriatric psychology, research-based storytelling, and volumes of research regarding music, colour, sight and brain activity INTO ONE EXPERIENCE – this is our innovation.

We provide 3D and Cinematic 3D Virtual Reality immersive experiences for the elderly and mobility-challenged to enhance quality of life and relieve depression and anxiety. 3Scape's uniquely formulated 3D/VR videos are delivered on a 3D immersive large screen or on a head-mounted display (VR). This allows the viewer to feel immersed in the story.  The viewer may experience a significant emotional response. Currently, 3Scape is specifically aimed at a huge, underserved market: residents in assisted living or long-term care communities. Future plans include marketing for in-home personal use.

Voice and musical stimuli (i.e. audio recordings) have been used by this demographic in the past with very positive results. 3Scape is innovative in its ability to take the process two steps further by utilizing visual stimuli and the immersive attributes of 3D/VR video.  While 3D and VR are not new, 3Scape incorporates other proprietary elements specifically developed and tested for this demographic. This includes a combination of shooting at a high frame rate, adjusted colourization for aging eyes, slower pacing and high resolution to best reach our target audience. What makes this program unique and effective is the inclusion of psychological triggers, which can elicit deep emotional responses that may have manifested as anxiety or depression. Such effects are supported by our 3D pilot program and international clinical studies involving immersion therapy, stereoscopic advantages, reminiscence therapy, meditation, and virtual reality.

Engaging in a Story

We bring the perspective and experience of 30 years in filmmaking in constructing powerful narratives that ignite emotional responses.

These are stories that are life-like, real, thought-provoking and heart-warming. Most importantly, these stories are carefully crafted and employ stunning visuals to provide the maximum benefit to this specific audience.