Everything you need to know about major advances in 3D and VR technology, and how to improve the lives of long-term care residents and their caregivers.

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Improve the lives of long-term care residents, 
and relieve the extraordinary demands placed on facility staff with fully immersive 3D and VR technology.

Immersive Experiences Based on Research

Our innovative take on recreational programming stems from our experience in storytelling filled with psychological triggers that will leave your residents feeling relaxed, happy, and more receptive to social interaction.

Enhance resident happiness throughout the continuum of care.
Increase their motivation and engagement.


Innovative healthcare solutions to promote a better quality of life for those living in long-term care facilities.

It just made me feel really good inside. I have been experiencing a little anxiety and that really took it away. It was like going back out on a lake, in a boat, feeling good about myself. Feeling good about the whole world
— Resident, Care West, Calgary

Find out how immersive technology can improve the
psychiatric health and overall wellbeing of geriatric patients.

Here’s what the medical professionals think:

The resident was in tears after the video and asked, “Does my family really love me? Do they remember all the things I did?” This resident has anxiety issues and the video facilitated discussion. The family was told about the discussion and her feelings were discussed and validated.
— RN Conducting Clinical Trial, Youville Home, St. Albert, Alberta
The 3Scape experience, which is this very immersive 3D experience, helps open the door to allow [elderly patients] to experience the emotions they’ve had in the past - the full range of emotions: the happy times, the sad times, the exciting times - to help them put into perspective the life they’ve lived.
— Dr. Darrin Leung, Psychiatrist, Rockyview Hospital
3Scape has the potential to honour and validate the life stories of elderly patients, in particular if it’s used as a medium for reminiscence therapy or mindful meditation. It can reduce mood disorders, such as depression, and anxiety, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing in elderly patients.
— Dr. Suparna Madan, Section Head, Geriatric Psychiatry, University of Calgary

Immersive technology is a powerful technological tool
used to change lives. Add it to your treatment arsenal.

Customize your delivery methods by choosing from two versatile options.

The Virtual Reality (VR) component of our program is delivered through a VR headset. It is shorter in length and contains less in-depth storytelling, but is more immersive and easier to deliver logistically. Or, opt for 3D projection, which promotes inclusive socialization when multiple people are having the same immersive experience on a big projection screen.    

Whatever you choose, your role as a recreational therapist, care provider, or program coordinator is to provide the highest level of care to your residents. Revitalize your treatment regimen with an innovative technology that will provide your residents with an increased sense of relaxation, happiness, and motivation for social interaction.

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