3Scape Systems is a company dedicated to pushing the frontiers of recreational treatment through the use of research-based storytelling, fully immersive 3D/VR stimuli, and modern geriatric psychology.


3Scape narratives are life-like, real,
thought-provoking, and heart-warming.


High-frame shooting, adjusted colourization for aging eyes, slower pacing, high resolution 3D virtual reality experiences with voice and musical stimulation custom created for an older audience.


Cognitive stimulation evokes reminiscence, triggers new emotions, and encourages social engagement.

3Scape Experience Gallery


The Box

A woman recounts her life through memories unpacked from a box).  3D & VR.



A young girl reminisces about the summer she spent with her grandparents travelling through the mountains and prairies encountering various animals and beautiful scenery. Available is 3D.


Dance Hall

An old community hall relives its life through the dances that stepped its floors). 3D VR version is split into 1930/40 and 1950/60 Dances.

It just made me feel really good inside. I have been experiencing a little anxiety and that really took it away. It was like going back out on a lake, in a boat, feeling good about myself. Feeling good about the whole world.
— -Resident, Care West, Calgary

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